7 Steps to dealing with change

Whilst many people embrace change and are excited by the thought of it, others find it a daunting and worrying prospect.

Many clients I have worked with have hankered for change when a situation has been static for a long time, such as a job that bores, them but the fear of changing for an unknown alternative is enough to keep them stuck where they are


Here are my my seven steps for dealing with change because like it or not, it is always coming!

1) Don’t fight it. Accept that change is inevitable. Fighting it can not only sap your energy but also cause huge amounts of stress. Think about the way a tree bends in the wind – the more flexible it is the less chance of it snapping an
2) Remember. It is just a process like any other and that by the time you have been through it the chances are you will have forgotten why you were worried in the first place.

3) Examine your fears. Keep a journal and write about how you feel. Putting your feelings and emotions about an issue down on paper can really help put things into perspective and help you feel better.
4) Reframe your thinking. Instead of dreading the change adopt an attitude of positivity. Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts think about all the potential benefits of the change.
5) Build your success bank. Think about times when you have successfully dealt with challenges in the past and remember how you felt when you did. Tap into those feelings of achievement and success and use them as an anchor whenever you are feeling fear.

6) Learn to relax. Try deep breathing, exercise or even meditation. Stress change can often make us feel stressed so adopting habits that help us relax can help us to be far more resilient and able to deal with things.

7) Choose your thoughts and attitudes. You may not be able to control what happens in life but you can choose how you want to react. Your perception of the world is often a reflection of your internal thoughts so change your thoughts for positive ones and enjoy the results!

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