Hi my name’s Elaine . I started my coaching practice in 2008 and have a passion for supporting my clients in their journey to finding success in their lives through connecting with their creativity.

I have always been interested in the creative arts as a tool for self discovery, therapy and personal development so when in 2009 I trained as a Vision Board Coach with top US creative coach and world famous author Joyce Schwarz ,I knew I had found the tools and system to work with my clients on a deeper level .

I  work individual and groups who want to explore and understand themselves more deeply, connect with their desires for the future and find solutions to deal with the challenges they are facing in life and work.

Some of the organisations I have worked with over the years include:

      • The Women’s Institute
      • IE Smart
      • Vienna Educational Board
      • London Metropolitan University

I  have delivered coaching and training to clients throughout Europe the  USA and Middle East and Europe accross Europe has given talks and workshops on the importance of creativity ,the power of vision boarding and right brain business planning

I love writing and have been lucky enough to have articles published in Reveal Magazine, Publicsector.net Healthsector.net and Wish Women .org

As a coach Ive  worked with some inspiring people including Fiona Harrold and Tony Robbins in the UK and US author and coach Joyce Schwarz in the US.


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