Healthy Wealth and Wise Three resolutions you should make this year

If you haven’t made any resolutions for this year or have already broken the ones you did make, I have some ideas for ones you’ll definitely want to keep.

Commit to loving your body

If you are one of those people whose new year’s resolution list started with something like ‘lose 10lbs’, I can sympathise .

Instead of just thinking about losing weight, why not take a more holistic approach and make this the year you commit to loving and caring for your body? We all know we should exercise more and eat better but it doesn’t have to mean starving yourself and living on lettuce leaves.

Making smart food swaps to things like low fat butter and cheese will help you lose weight over the year and incorporating even 15 minutes of exercise a day that gets you a little sweaty, like disco dancing round your living room to some high energy dance tracks, will make you feel great and burn fat at the same time.

Get financially savvy!

I have struggled with savings in the past and have been known to be a bit of a shopaholic, but I when I quit smoking a few years ago I opened an ISA and began to save the money I had been wasting on cigarettes.

If you don’t yet have any savings plan it’s a great idea to start one as soon as possible.

Learn and experience more

Investing in your personal development is never wasted and can even result in you earning some extra income on the side or a new career, so if you  have always wanted to learn a new language or photography why not make this the year you do it? Contact your local educational authority for a list of classes and courses and sign up!

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