January Blues?

Listening to the news today I found out that apparently today ( yes Jan 17th) is the most gloomy day of the year.  Psychologists have dubbed it “Blue Monday”, as it is the date in January when post-Christmas gloom is at its worst.

Apparently there is a formula for working this out which takes into account 6 different factors : the weather (which I can understand today as it rained ), debt as many of us have just got our first post Christmas spend credit card bill through the door , the time since Christmas , time since failing our New Year’s resolutions, low levels of motivation and the feeling that we need to take action in our lives to have a better year this year (but maybe not knowing where to start)

Hearing this really got me thinking and I started to wonder about all the people who heard this news item and wondered what its effect was . Was a large percentage of the population feeling more than usually fed up today? Were there any who woke up this morning feeling ok who then heard the news item, started reflecting on it and by the end of the day had thought themselves into a state of gloom?

Ok. Maybe not.  My point is that although we can be influenced, ultimately we can choose how we feel ; our state so to speak.

If you are feeling a little blue at this time of year here are a few tips that might just help

Keep active-Put on your favourite song and dance around your living room for 10 mins

Eat well- Don’t skip meals and eat a healthy balanced diet so you have plenty of energy  to deal with whatever the day brings.

Keep in touch with friends -Invite your mates round for a meal or a movie night or start a book club

Do something you are good at and enjoy whether its painting your front-room or baking cupcakes anything that will boost your sense of achievement and make you feel good about yourself.

Be kind to yourself -Ok money may be short after Christmas but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself in other ways. Schedule some time to have a relaxing bubble bath or read a good book anything thing that means you can take some time to spoil yourself.

Start making plans  –There are few things that can make you feel more optimistic than making plans to do things you can look forward to. If you have been thinking about making some changes in your life for 2011 or you know you want to make changes but arent quite sure what to do next to achieve our goals contact me now .

To your success !

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