Spring Clean Your Space

Declutter Your Life

Declutter Your Life

So the festive mayhem is  over for another year and I have attained the unenviable but I suspect rather common state of being a few lbs heavier physically and a few £££ lighter financially due to a combination of lots of good food and tempting sales in the stores .

One of my Christmas sales bargains was a rather fetching desk diary containing a list of key dates and holidays for 2012 and the ever useful year planner. It is this very diary you can blame or thank depending on your view, for inspiring this article.

Apparently January 9th is National Clean Off Your Desk Day.  That got your attention, didn’t it? The New Year is a great time to review and clear out the stuff you know has been mounting up in your desk / home office  over the last few months.

Look around you and be and be honest ,how much of that stuff do you really need. Are there post it notes with phone numbers that could be transferred to a spreadsheet on your PC or put on a spreadsheet or contact? Do you have information that’s been superceded by up to date materials. How many staplers do you have in that top drawer of your desk and the big question, Do any of them have staples in them?

Having a tidy desk and work space has some major benefits which I’ve listed below

1)No visual distractions
With no extraneous piles of papers, magazines, post it notes etc to distract your attention  you can focus on the task at hand which means you will probably finish it more quickly and to a better standard

2)Create a comfort zone
How often have you tried to or seen colleagues trying to work at a desk brimming with files and papers until the desk is so covered they are squeezed awkwardly into a corner of it . If the desk is clear apart from the one file or piece of work you are dealing with you will have space to organize and be unlikely to misplace or anything.

3)Out of site out of mind

We have all seen those home design/ makeover programmes where the décor is awful and we wonder how anyone could enjoy being in that space. Spaces each have their own atmosphere ,in fact interior design focuses on creating different types depending on what they want the inhabitants to experience. A peaceful space creates an atmosphere where people can feel at ease and a clean and tidy space with no distractions provides users with a less stressful environment where they can focus

4)Cleanliness is next to godliness

Well ok maybe my mum just told me that to get me to clean my room as a child but keeping a tidy desk does mean the space is easy to maintain and clean properly meaning its more hygienic and  is a much more pleasant place to spend your working day   .


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