Stop Dreaming Start Doing!

 Creating Your Business Vision Workshop Prague 2013

Creating Your Business Vision Workshop Prague 2013

Do you dream about starting your own business and escaping the corporate cage ? If you do you’re not alone but  what steps have you taken to make your dream a reality ?” You see a dream without action stays exactly that, a dream .Over the years I worked in recruitment agencies and then as a coach I have spoken to countless people who all had a desire to change career and work for themselves. When I asked them what was stopping them I got the following answers




1) I’ve never run a business before-I don’t know where to startphoto 3

2)I’m not qualified

3)I don’t have time

4) I don’t have the money

5) What if no-one wants my product or service ?

6) It’s too risky in a recession I’ll wait till the economy picks up

7)don’t have any skills/knowledge  I can make money from

8)I dont know what I’d like to do Im waiting for the perfect idea

9)I’m too old/too young

10) Im scared to give up my job

Do you recognise any of them ? Are any of them what you tell yourself ?

At first glance they all seem like perfectly good reasons not to take action , but if you go through the list its possible to flip each excuse and come up with a positive reason why now is the perfect time to follow you dreams . If you don’t believe me heres an example.

Excuse -Im too scared to give up my job  Solution -You don’t need to . Start your business small scale on a part time basis evenings or weekends to see how it goes .

All of these reasons, or as I call them excuses are just stories we tell ourselves because we are afraid of pursuing what we really want. Start changing the story you tell yourself and you’ll change your life.



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