Vision Board Workshops

 Creating Your Business Vision Workshop Prague 2013

Creating Your Business Vision Workshop Prague 2013

Vision Blue MarkerA vision board or creative collage can be a powerful tool to use in both your business and personal life to gain clarity around what you really want to achieve.

Many businesses already do some kind visioning as part of their strategic planning sessions. A vision board is really just an extension of that process, represented in images.

I have always been interested in the creative arts as a tool for self discovery, therapy and personal development so when in 2009 I trained as a Vision Board Coach with top US creative coach and world famous author Joyce Schwarz ,I knew I had found the tools and system to work with my clients on a deeper level and enable them to be successful in their lives by connecting with their creativity

Many moguls and entrepreneurs such as Oprah Winfrey and Arnold Schwarzenegger have used vision boards to in order to get clarity and create compelling reminders of their goals. If you own your own business, you have already created something from your visions. Having a vision board can help you keep your goals in mind on a daily basis so that you can stay focussed

If you have employees or partners, creating a vision board is a great group activity. You can get input from different minds and it helps get everyone focused on the big picture. You can create one big “group” vision board for a department to reflect common goals or a mission statement or let each team member create their own based on their role or goals for the year.

Vision-boarding can be used for the following

They can be used to support teams through the challenges of organisational change or as part of occupational therapy support programmes .

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Here is some recent feedback from our vision board sessions:

“Thought provoking and very enjoyable”Laura Archer

“Helps you look into your subconscious and so helps you focus.

Brilliant as is.” Charles Sidhwa

“Excellent coach and brilliant materials to work with “Szilvia Kopeczi

“Fantastic day that gets you thinking about what you want from life and gives you the tools to create your vision of your future” Elena Theodorou

“Very informative and interesting met some great people and learned a lot”Cathy Mitchell

“I really enjoyed Elaine’s vision board workshop. She was very clear at explaining what it was about and how to set about creating our vision boards. I thought the group worked well together too. I do feel I have really benefited from the session and it has opened my eyes to a new way of seeing my goals and pursuing them.

I have my vision board up in my room and it actually makes me feel quite happy and calm to look at it and reminds me of what I’m aiming for.”Z Burke -Production Coordinator, BBC

Visionboard Workshop Testimonials

“I already have a dream board and a mind movie but Elaine Gleeson made me realize that my dream board was confusing my thoughts and my energy. I had all my goals in one place. After going through her procedure and making a new vision board it show me what I really what out of my life. Thank you Elaine, it was a brilliant evening and you have got me more focus than ever before.”Deana Battams

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